because this is what we’ve got and what we’ve got is gold

there is so much in this world to hold onto, sometimes it feels like the most incredible task to me. people, people that touch us, touch us in the very deepest of our soul and also our body. people, ideas, places, and finally: people. and then, then we let go. eventually. move on.

the main point: not to lose track of the present. and therefor sense and seize the past. to understand. and the future. in a very different way though. it is not virtual. it is pragmatic. because of its irrevocable arrival. and that is just fantastic.

and ultimately: transience.

it is hard for me to find the right words and it might take me a hundred years to let them percolate through all this rubbish i write and talk and – particularly – think. there is still images though. and embraces.

but this is what we’ve got and it is gold.

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